SAFE Training

SAFE Training Materials

The SAFE Action Project provides trainings throughout Arizona.

We currently offer our trainings in-person. In the future our trainings will be even more accessible through online webinars, or digitally through our online training toolkits.

The SAFE Action Project is proud to offer SAFE training materials in digital downloadable PDFs.

These PDFs provide warning signs and information to the Hospitality and Tourism Industries in identifying possible human trafficking situations.

One of the most valued aspects of the SAFE Action Project training curriculum are these unique, department-specific training components. These SAFE trainings are customized to meet the specific needs of the properties or organizations with whom we work.

If you would like to request in-person training or a customized webinar, please complete the following form.


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General (Comprehensive) Hotel Training Resources


We recommend these resources for hotel owners, management, and supervisors, as well as anti-trafficking organizations working to address human trafficking in hotels.

General Hotel Training Video: English
General Hotel Training Video: Spanish
General Warning Signs: English
General Warning Signs: Spanish

Housekeeping & Maintenance Training Resources

Housekeeping Training Video: English
Housekeeping Training Video: Spanish
Housekeeping Warning Signs: English
Housekeeping Warning Signs: Spanish

Front Desk & Reservations Training Resources

Front Desk Training Video: English
Front Desk Training Video: Spanish
Front Desk Warning Signs: English
Front Desk Warning Signs: Spanish

Guest Services Training Resources

Guest Services Training Video: English
Guest Services Training Video: Spanish
Guest Services Warning Signs: English
Guest Services Warning Signs: Spanish

Food & Beverages Training Resources

Food & Beverages Training Video: English
Food & Beverages Training Video: Spanish
Food & Beverages Warning Signs: English
Food & Beverages Warning Signs: Spanish

Security Training Resources

Security Training Video: English
Security Training Video: Spanish
Security Warning Signs: English
Security Warning Signs: Spanish

Airport Training Resources

Airport Warning Signs: English
Airport Warning Signs: Spanish
The Warning Signs: English
The Warning Signs: Spanish

Bystander Resources

Bystander Action Guide: English
Bystander Action Guide: Spanish