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Whether it’s across town or across the world, we all travel for work or play.

Unfortunately, human trafficking happens every day in our state, which is why we need all Arizonans to join us in this fight.

SAFE is pleased to offer tangible ways that every person, even if you aren’t employed in a tourism career, to help in the fight against this horrific crime.

Request a Bystander Action Guide

Did you see something? Say something.
Each year, millions of people travel for work, vacation, or to visit family and friends.

The SAFE Bystander Action Guide was created to help travelers become more aware and engaged while utilizing transportation and hotel accommodations. This tri-fold, wallet-sized card offers travelers a simple and handy reference that is easy to carry, providing warning signs of sex trafficking for airports, hotels, and transit locations. The Bystander Action Guide also provides directions on how to report suspicious activities through the safe and proper channels.


Contact us to arrange trainings and help STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING now!