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The SAFE Action Project is an Arizona-based, collaborative effort to train tourism industry professionals at all levels to identify, report and prevent human trafficking.

Through specialized in-person and web-based training, the SAFE Action Project equips the tourism industry and the travelers with the knowledge and skills about human trafficking in Arizona that is tailored to their specific profession. Everyone has a role to play in combatting this horrific crime.

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About Us

The SAFE Action Project offers a wide variety of human trafficking training resources to help tourism staff, along with travelers nationwide, recognize warning signs of human trafficking and report suspicious behavior.

Training Toolkit

The SAFE Action Project is currently working on making our training materials available in an online training format, including online videos, trainings and downloadable PDFs. These trainings will provide warning signs and information to identify possible human trafficking situations.

Advisory Board

We extend sincere appreciation to the members of the SAFE Action Project Advisory Board. These individuals provided invaluable insight and perspective from within the Arizona tourism industry and were instrumental in helping to create the SAFE Action Project training materials and curriculum.

Human Trafficking in Arizona

The same economic forces that fuel tourism in Arizona also support human trafficking – beautiful weather, multiple interstate highways, proximity to the US border, short drive to Las Vegas or California, major conference destination, and Arizona is home to many professional sporting events.


Of homeless youth report being sex trafficked in AZ.

Of minor photos in online advertisements were taken in a hotel room.

Of traffickers rented hotel rooms for their victims.

Of victims were trafficked in hotel rooms.

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